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Akron garage door repair

247 Life Time Garage Door proudly serves Akron and the great Akron area. We repair broken garage doors, including any garage door parts, and if necessary, we install a new garage door. Our service is quick and professional, so the problem is solved perfectly and flawlessly. 247 Life Time Garage doors is a “one-stop-shop” for garage door service; we do it all, from snapped garage door cables to damaged garage door panels.

We serve all of Akron

Known as the “rubber capital of the word”, the city of Akron is home to just under 200,000 residents, making it the fifth largest city in the state.  laid out in 20 pulse neighborhoods We serve all around Akron! From Merriman Valley to Kenmore, we are on the way to repairing your garage door problem!


Is your garage door broken? In need of professional consultation?


Our expert garage door technicians will repair any garage door issue from A to Z; we do it all in Akron, whether it’s a broken spring or a garage door opener replacement.

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Akron Garage door service

If you are living in Akron and looking for “garage door service near me”, 247 Life Time Garage Door is your go-to. We deliver fast and reliable garage door repair services in Akron and the entire great Akron area, so you won’t need to wait long hours, not to mention days, until your problem is solved, specifically if it is an emergency call.

Garage door spring repair in Akron
Snapd garage door springs are in the first place of repair calls we get, and
service calls from Akron are likewise.
So what do garage door springs, and why do they tend to brake?
Garage door springs are the working arm in the whole garage door system. The tension
created in the spring is what makes the door be raised or lower.

There is two primary garage door springs type:

  1. Extension springs- are springs that are mounted on each side of the garage door
    track. They lengthen and contract with cables and pulleys when the garage door panel
    opens or closes.
  2.  Torsion springs- The springs are on a metal shaft above the door and have cable
    drums at both ends. Depending on the door size and weight, a garage door can have up
    to four torsion springs, but usually, it has a three-pronged support system with a center
    and two end bearing plates at either end.


So why do garage door springs crack down?
Garage door spring is heavy-duty, long-lasting metal springs. But as we know, sometimes things aren’t going
according to plan. A garage door spring can snap or brake surprisingly,
and as we know life, it will probably happen at the most inconvenient time.
The two most common reasons for broken garage door springs are:

  1. Wear – is the most common cause of garage door spring breakdown. The average
    life expectancy of a garage door spring, Torsion, or Extension is approximately
    10,000 cycles. In other words, if you open the garage door only twice a day to get
    to work (once in the morning and once in the evening), the spring should last up
    to 13 years.
  2. Rust- Because garage door springs are made of metal, it builds up rust and
    corrosion over the years, and while the spring operates with rust and corrosion,
    the friction increases, which eats up the spring and causes it to snap or break


We Take care of all garage door springs problems in Akron.
Living in Akron, and your garage door springs broke? No worries, we at 247
Lifetime garage doors will repair or, replace your current garage door spring with an all-
new, long-lasting spring, Torsion, or Extension whenever needed.


New garage door installation in Akron
We at 247 Life Time Garage Doors provide new garage door installation services in
Akron. Installing a new garage door isn’t something that happens often, so you want only the
best for yourself. That way, we are here.

New garage door comes in several designs and functionality:  Sectional Garage Doors, Roll up garage door, and single-panel garage door. No matter your choice, we will provide the best materials, technicians, and service to your
doorstep. Above all, we aim to ensure that you won’t be troubled with your garage for a long time after we install your new garage door.


Garage door cables repair in Akron

In brief, garage cables are attached to each side of the panel in order to lift and lower the door.
Garage door cables are particularly the connecting part between the opener and springs to the door.
Panel. The cables used are derivative of the springs mounted in the Garage door. The two cables type are:

  1. Torsion cables- used in with Torsion Springs. Cables are attache to the bottom
    corner of the garage door and connected to the springs above.
  2. Retaining cables are being used in garage doors with extension springs. The
    cables run vertically along the sides of the garage door and are located inside the
    springs to keep them in place if they break.


Why do garage door cables crack down?
Garage door cables are made of heavy-duty twisted galvanized wire, a very durable
material; the external factors cause problems. Lets and issues such as faulty
bearings in a pulley may accelerate wear.

  1. Wear – Garage door cables wrapped around rollers, and issues such as faulty
    bearings in a pulley may accelerate wear.
  2. Rust and corrosion – As with any parts made of metal, rust can develop and eat
    up the whole cable.

A resident of Akron, and your garage door cable snapped? No worries, we at 247
Lifetime garage doors will repair or replace your current garage door cable, regardless its type, with an all-
new, long-lasting cable, Torsion, or Retaining,


Why should you choose us?

So, on the whole, why should you choose us out of all of the garage door service providers in Akron?
Unlike other providers, we deliver quick, professional, and reliable service at any time and on time.

Call us now, and our trusted team will get the job done!

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