Emergency garage door repair

Emergency garage door service

A broken garage door never comes in a “good” time, but we know that sometimes, it happens at the worst time.
We at 247 Life Time Garage doors are here for you! We will stand by you and, as always, do our best so your garage door will get back into business ASAP.

In an emergency, garage door repair is all about timing.

Emergency garage door repair is a combination of bad timing and a problem you can’t solve yourself.
Let’s start with timing- it’s never a good time for the garage door to break down, but, in some cases, you need to get out of the garage immediately. It can be a meeting at work, a date, picking up the kids, or even going to the hospital; you need to get out now.
In some cases, the panel suddenly can roll as the car passes and damage the car, the driver, and passengers. That’s terrible timing.

The problem is the second thing that matters in an emergency garage door service call.
Sometimes, you can make the garage door work at least once to move the car and go where you need to. It can be replacing the battery or manually pulling the safety handle from the garage door opener to lift the panel, if you know what you are doing. But it’s not always easy, and you need an expert garage door technician to fix the problem.


We are here for you in those stressful times

When a garage door breaks down exactly when you need it to work; it’s easy, but you do not have to manage it yourself.
Call us at 247 Life Time Garage Doors, and we will be on our way to help you.


There are ways to minimize the chances of getting in an emergency

  1. Although it’s impossible to make sure your garage door won’t break down, you can reduce the chances in a few simple ways:
    Regular maintenance: mark yourself once a month to check out all the parts that make up the garage door system just by looking at them- look at the springs, roller and cable; are they in one piece? Do you see any cracks? Are they making funny noises? And so on.
  2. Lube for roller and track. You can find it in almost any local hardware store or online special lubrication for a garage door. Follow the instructions on the bottle for the best results. Usually, you should apply the lube to reduce friction and wear to the rollers, chain, and springs.
  3. Do the step above more frequently in the winter or after harsh weather conditions.


As we always say in our business, better safe than sorry; if you aren’t sure and fill unsafe, don’t attempt to do it yourself.

call us at 247 Life Time Garage Doors, and we will do the job perfectly.


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