New garage door installation


Installing a new garage door isn’t something that happens often, so you want only the best for you when it happens. That way, we are here.
At 247 Life Time Garage Doors, we provide new garage door installation services using all types of garage doors:
Sectional Garage Doors, Roll up garage door, and single panel garage door. No matter your choice, we will provide the best materials, technicians, and service to your doorstep. We aim to ensure that once we install your new garage door, you won’t be troubled with your garage for a very long time.
Call us now, and we will be on our way to installing your brand-new garage door.


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Here is what you need to know about new garage door installation

Once you decide to get a new garage door, come the “hard” part, which garage door to choose what material and what style, but don’t worry, we will make it easy for you.

Steel garage door

due to its durability, steel is the most common garage door. A steel garage door will be long-lasting and in minimum maintenance required. Steel garage doors are known to be budget-friendly. These days steel garage doors can come in a variety of designs.

 Fiberglass garage door

lately, we have seen a rise in fiberglass garage doors used in residential garage doors, mainly due to their durability and lightweight. This garage door can be designed in many different ways but be sure, any way you choose, this door will be unique in the view. Fiberglass garage doors are more expensive than steel or carriage.

Carriage garage doors

used to be made of wood; carriage garage doors are a style of garage door developed back in the days. Today you can get a Carriage garage door also made from steel. Due to its versatility in material and design, the price range is fluid.

garage door installation

Carriage garage door

247 Life Time Garage Door experts will help and escort you through the entire process, from the first phone call until you drive your car under the brand new garage door.


Who can you take care of your garage door springs?

Our goal is to make life easier for you; that is why we at 247 Life Time Garage Door provide a “one-stop-shop” for new garage door installation. Our professional garage door technician will provide you whit fast and quality service.

Call us now, and our team will help you choose the perfect garage door. 


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