Garage door opener repair and replacement


Garage door opener repair can spoil your convenience quickly- opener doesn’t respond to the remote, the door doesn’t go down all the way and the hose left opens, or any other problem that makes you waste time.

The garage door opener is the brain that controls everything that goes on with your garage door; From opening to closing, either from the remote control or from the keypad- the opener receives the call and makes it happen; for that reason, we should treat the opener cautiously and proficiently.

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Here is what you need to know about the garage door opener

there are three main types of garage door openers, Belt drive, Chain drive, and Screw drive:

Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

Belt Drive Garage Door Openers are made from steel-reinforced rubber belts for fast, smooth, and quiet operation. Usually, these openers are used for lighter-weight garage doors.

Screw Drive Garage Door Openers

powerful garage door openers are used for heavier garage doors. A trolley is used along with a threaded-metal rod to rotate the motor to move the door.

Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

using a bicycle-like chain; the springs are located above the door on a metal shaft and have cable drums at both ends. Chain drive garage door openers are generally less expensive than the other openers and are most common these days.

To conclude, each garage door opener’s advantage is a belt drive for quieter use, a screw drive for heavier doors, and a chain drive for budget-friendly.


Garage doors opener repairs and replacement in Ohio
Belt drive garage door

Most common garage door opener problems

the two main issues with garage door openers are related to the remote control/ keypad not responding or the way the garage door closes- part way, opens again when it touches the ground ext.
Here are the common problems:

  1. Garage door doesn’t respond to remote control or keypad – when the wireless remote control or keypad stops operating the garage door opener, there are several options: the range is too far, the antenna isn’t heading the right way, the battery in the remote control and keypad drained out or/ the plug pulled out form the opener, or in worst cases, there is a burned fuse of the motor itself burned out.
  2. the door doesn’t close all the way – you press to close your garage door, but it doesn’t go all the way down; two main reasons this can happen are because the close-limit switch isn’t adjusted right or the safety switch isn’t adjusted correctly.


What can you do if your garage door opener doesn’t work?

As noted above, two leading causes can prevent your garage door from working correctly; here are a few easy checks you can do yourself before calling a professional garage door technician:

  1. If the opener doesn’t respond to the remote control or the keypad. First, make sure the door isn’t locked. The second thing is to check that the batteries have juice; the third checks that the opener is connected correctly to electricity. The fourth thing you can do is make sure the antenna is facing downwards.
  2. If you’re dealing with a garage door that doesn’t go all the way down, check the limit switch- in most cases, the limit mechanism isn’t appropriately adjusted; you can check the opener manual on how to adjust back the limit switch. Moreover, it may be that the safety switch isn’t adjusted.


Dealing with a garage door opener means dealing with electricity and a chance the door can suddenly roll down- both are extremely dangerous and harmful- please don’t try doing it yourself.

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