Garage door cable repair

Garage door cable repair

Garage doors are heavy! In fact, modern garage doors can weigh up to 400 pounds! This is excellent for ensuring the security of your vehicle and whatever else you have squirreled away in your garage, but it also means lifting them requires some serious machinery – extension springs, massive torsion springs, cable drums – and garage door cables.

If your garage door cables, or any other part, are not operating properly, your door simply won’t open… or close… or worse, it might come crashing down on you, your car, and your family! 400 pounds, remember?
Don’t wait for a serious problem to develop before you get it fixed – contact us today to schedule a regular checkup and repair of your most critical household appliance component – your garage door cables.

Is your garage door broken? In need of professional consultation?


Here is what you need to know about garage door cables repair

To lift the heavy garage door, cables are attached to each side of the garage door. Garage door cables are the connecting part between the opener and springs to the door panel. Cables used in garage doors depend on the type of springs being used. Here are the two main cable options:

Lift cables

Lift cables are found in garage doors using torsion springs. The cables are attached to the bottom corner of the garage door and connect to the springs above.

Retaining cables

Retaining cables are used in garage doors with extension springs. The cables run vertically along the sides of the garage door. The cables are located inside the springs to
keep them in place if they break.

Garage door cable repair in Ohio

Torsion Cable

In both cases, the cables are made of heavy-duty twisted galvanized wire. Garage door cables usually last for a long time, but friction, moisture, or poor track alignment can cause a problem over time.

How do garage door cables work?

Garage door cables are straightforward. When the tension in the springs loosens, and the door lifts, the cables retract. Moreover, while the door is open, the cables help keep it in place. It is essential to have a suitable cable in use for those reasons. When one cable is broken, it causes extra tension on the other cable.

Why do garage door cables break down?

Garage door cables are made from heavy-duty twisted galvanized wire, a very durable material; the external factors cause problems. Let’s look at two of them:

  1. Wear – Garage door cables wrapped around rollers and problems such as faulty bearings in a pulley may accelerate wear.
  2. Rust and corrosion – if water comes in contact with the cable, it can cause rust and corrosion for the garage door cables. We commonly see cases where water on the garage floor tach the bottom part of the door and causes corrosion.

Who can you take care of your garage door springs?

As with all metal parts in high friction uses, it is recommended to apply a special lubrication spray for garage doors; you can find a variety of sprays in your local hardware store. Apply the spray directly on the cables regularly. If you detect any rust, clean it up using WD-40.

Is your garage door broken? In need of professional consultation?

What to do if the cable broke and how to repair it?

First, dealing with cables is extremely dangerous; they can snap and cause damage to your body and belonging. It will be wise to call a garage door technician to fix and repair the broken cable.
If the cable breaks when the door is open, the first step will be to lower the door (one cable can do it). If the door is stuck closed, it can be easier t replace the broken cable.
In both cases, cables on both sides will be replaced to keep balance and even pressure.

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